Monday, 15 February 2010

First Aid Kit - I Met Up With The King

This week we’re taking a short break to surf some real waves rather than internet based ones. We will therefore be nowhere near any sort of IT device for almost seven days.

However to keep you entertained / educated / informed / interested we will still be posting blogs here. We like to think of it as some kind of internet magic, but the reality is that these posts are simply pre-written pieces, posted up each day by the wonders of blog scheduling.

So whilst we’re sitting overlooking the sea drinking sangria, enjoy this video from First Aid Kit. I Met Up With The King is the second single to be taken from the duo’s album The Big Black & The Blue and is released on March 8th. Klara and Johanna make a warm weary county folk sound filled with soul and depth. They sound more like a couple of seasoned early 70’s American songstress types than two young Swedish girls, but then life is full of surprises. I Met Up With The King is a charming harmonious piece with melodies plucked from the stars. It may not be anything strikingly original, but it’s lovely nonetheless.

Right, we’re off for paella now.

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