Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Yes Giantess - The Ruins

Since we last caught up with Yes Giantess on the NME Tour at the back end of last year here and here there have been a few alterations, namely the departure of one of their number and the addition of a guitarist. Times change, things move on, bands evolve and so it is with Yes Giantess. What hasn’t changed is our child-at-Christmas excitement for the band. For Yes Giantess are quite a bit better than good. No, change that. They’re a lot better than a bit better.

Following a recent tour with La Roux stateside, the group are about to take another step on their journey through planet synthtopia with the release of a new single - The Ruins. The Ruins is the second Yes Giantess release through pop-gold tastemakers Neon Gold. With Starsmith (he gets everywhere these days doesn't he?) taking time out from recording his own album to handle production duties, The Ruins brings shimmery oil-slick synths and the dirtiest engine of a bass sound we’ve heard for a while to create a flashing vocal stabbing dance floor pop anthem. There’s even a trance styled build in the middle of the track for that everyone-put-their-hands-in-the air moment. And what a moment. The Ruins is a little heavier than their debut single Tuff N Stuff, but even though Yes Giantess now have a guitarist in their midst The Ruins is still very much in the arch pop camp.

The release of The Ruins is also accompanied by the groups first video proper which features some rather Doctor Who-esque cyber robots. Enjoy.

Yes Giantess - The Ruins from jan rosenfeld on Vimeo.

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