Thursday, 4 February 2010

Muchuu - Getaway Train

Today we show you the new video by cute posters Muchuu. Getaway Train is the follow up to Somebody Tell Me and will be released in March. According to the band it's a little story about finding a magic ticket. It follows in very much the same vein as Somebody Tell Me in so far as it's all ickle-cutesy girly vocals and toystore electronica. There are however two highly relevant moments in this video that we wish you to take deep notice of. Are you paying attention ?

First between 00.01 and 00.03 we see a pair of Doctor Martens. The importance of this legendary footwear cannot be overstated. One of the most forgotten 80’s pop classics featured a heavy dose of Doctor Martens (watch here) and since then they are Breaking More Waves footwear of choice. Alternatives cannot be considered.

But there is something even more profound. It occurs at exactly 0.56. Blink and you’ll miss it. But yes, there it is in all of its glory. A copy of the lost “classic”. The 12 Inch Album by Howard Jones. An album that even had a 1:1 scale picture of a real 12 inch ruler measuring its cover just to prove the point. It is fragments in time like this that are truly amazing. A Howard Jones album cover in a modern pop video. We think Muchuu are onto something here. Time for a revival of the bleached spiked haired synth pop man we think. Are you ready ? We are.

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