Sunday 7 September 2014

Laura Doggett - Phoenix (The Death Of Pop Rework)

A few days ago Breaking More Waves favourite Laura Doggett posted an a cappella version of her remarkable song Phoenix online and accompanied it with the following message:

“Hi guys I’ve just posted the a cappella of Phoenix on my Soundcloud, so any of you who fancy making your versions go ahead and download. Tag #phoenixremix and @lauradoggett so I can search for them; I can’t wait to hear what you’ll come up with.”

London based shoegaze / psych outfit The Death Of Pop have responded to the challenge giving the song a radical reworking. Gone are the atmospheric looped piano chords and stuttering electronic clicks, replaced instead by languid sounding guitars. It works rather well. What binds it all together is Doggett’s incredible vocal, a voice so full of depth that it could turn to jazz, soul, indie, rock, pop, electronica or any other musical style and give it real meaning. 

Any other remixers / producers / bands / musicians who fancy putting their stamp on Phoenix, there's still time - you can find the vocal only version at this link here to download. You can download the Death Of Pop's version for free from the player below.

Laura Doggett - Phoenix (The Death Of Pop Rework)

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