Wednesday 24 September 2014

La Roux - Kiss And Not Tell (Two Inch Punch Remix)

La Roux’s second album Trouble In Paradise seems to have fallen into that strange place of being a pop album that hasn’t been hugely popular with the public at large even although music critics and aficionados sung its praises. Her 2009 self-titled debut sold more than 60,000 copies in its first week yet Trouble in Paradise sold less than 9,000. 

Much has been made of the lack of support from Radio 1 for the record and in some quarters (Breaking More Waves included) there was a hope that the album might just sneak a Mercury listing to give it a bit more profile, but it seems that at this stage at least Trouble In Paradise is going to be one of those records that for whatever reason just doesn’t connect with more than the hardcore. Whilst as we write Aphex Twin’s crazy wig-out that is Syro currently sits at number 2 in the album charts, Barbara Streisand is at number 4 and Fleetwood Mac’s 1977 release Rumours sits at number 14. La Roux is nowhere to be seen. Who would want to be a new or comparatively new artist whilst the old guard continue to sell by the bucket load? As La Roux herself has suggested in an interview with the Guardian “I don’t think we should all be like the 80s and have 20 cars, be millionaires and be like George Michael or anything like that, but there’s a happy medium that ... isn’t being met.”

So take a listen to this rather sweet remix of Kiss And Not Tell from the album by Two Inch Punch. Like it? Like what you’ve heard of the La Roux record? Think the idea of an album that references Chic, Grace Jones, Duran Duran and even Amazulu sounds like fun? Then rather than going down the pub this weekend for a couple of pints, save your money and spend it on Trouble In Paradise instead. And if you really want to help the artist, then stream it via Spotify or the like after you’ve brought a physical copy as well, because that way you'll be chucking a tiny (abeit really tiny) bit more money her way.

Oh and if you want to leave a cheeky message for La Roux she’s asking you to simply call 01557280014. Don't make the message too smutty though - you'll never know where it might end up being broadcast.

La Roux - Kiss And Not Tell (Two Inch Punch Remix)

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