Monday 8 September 2014

Jones - New Waves

What was the last great track that Madonna produced? In our books it was quite a while ago; we’d argue that Hung Up was her last truly a.m.a.z.i.n.g work. But if she returned today with new music she could probably do no better than teaming up with Rodaigh McDonald and Jai Paul’s brother Anup, which according to Pigeons & Planes is what has gone down with this song (correction – she could go one better and team up with Jai Paul himself – now that we would love to hear).

However this isn’t Madonna but a new London based artist who goes by the name of just Jones, putting her alongside Tom, Grace, Howard, Norah…er Aled and probably quite a few other famous Jones’s in pop that we can’t think of right now. Her debut track is Deep, which does sound a bit like mid-era Madonna given the gloss of the now. It’s breezy electronic soul pop – we could imagine Jones being an excellent support act for Jungle at this rate – and reckon that quite a few people will be keeping tabs on her from here on in.

Jones - Deep

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