Monday 1 September 2014

Golden Fable - Armour

Welsh band Golden Fable return to the fold with a slice of celestial dirtiness this week in the form of Armour. It’s the first track to be taken from their second album Ancient Blue which was recorded with David Wrench (Bat For Lashes, Caribou) and Jimmy Robertson (Anna Calvi) in Snowdonia. Sonically it’s a wonderful contrast made from a bed of disorderly and effervescent guitars that sound like they’re trying to scratch an itch and Rebecca Palin’s beguiling vocal delivery, tones that are surely sent from the heavens, or at least the Cocteau Twins back catalogue.

Extra marks as well for the band’s promo picture. There’s no jetting off to a Mediterranean beach with the group lounging in their swimwear whilst drinking Pina Coladas for this one. No, instead they’ve launched themselves fully clothed into what looks like the chilly sea just off the coast of South Wales. Mind you, with a song on the forthcoming album called Warm Sun, we’re figuring that Rebecca, Tim and Jack may still be trying to work out a way to convince their label that that the bikinis, swimming trunks and cocktails shoot needs to happen.

Ancient Blue will be released on 10th November so put it on your Christmas list now.

Golden Fable - Armour

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