Sunday 28 September 2014

Halsey - Hurricane

Earlier this year Halsey displayed her slightly edgy pop credentials when she sang about how she liked her bad boys dressed in leather, now she’s going some more with new song Hurricane, whipping up a storm with its lyrics about tripping on LSD, liquor on the lips and ‘climbing inside my body’. We get the impression from her music that Halsey (Ashley Frangipane) isn’t the sort of girl who likes a quiet night on the sofa infront of the television with a cup of creamy hot chocolate. At the risk of pigeonholing her further, Hurricane shares some similarity with the darker electropop underbelly of Indiana and maybe a little of the seductiveness of Banks. “Your voice makes me wet,” one commentator on Soundcloud suggests; time to get some clean underwear at the ready before you listen to Hurricane then, just in case.

Hurricane is taken from a forthcoming EP titled Room 93 on October 28th. Unfortunately Halsey’s website seems to only allow sales to US and Canadian customers, which considering we live in an age of the world wide web is a bit disappointing (especially as you can stream this song anywhere in the world). 

Halsey’s out supporting The Kooks (an odd choice perhaps, but still, it’s exposure) on their on their US Tour. Hopefully the rest of the world will soon be hers for the taking and eventually she’ll make it over to Breaking More Waves home country of the UK.

Halsey - Hurricane

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