Friday 22 August 2014

Zola Blood - Meridian

Remember when we introduced Zola Blood and gnashed our teeth a little about the fact that this new band had presented themselves as another one of those boring faceless acts? Well, we have news. They’re human and have real faces - although frustratingly two of them have been partially blurred out in the publicity photo we’ve been supplied with. We can only assume that this is because those particular individuals are horrendously ugly and a bit embarrassed by that fact. Or maybe they’re moonlighting from another band and don’t want their secret to get out? Now that would be a good reason to be a mystery band wouldn’t it? So if you’re in a group and have someone called Matt on vocals and guitar, Ed on synth, Sam on drums or a Rob on guitar, and hang around in the Hackney Wick area of London be warned, they might be two timing you.

After grabbing the attention of a good part of the blogosphere’s attention with Grace, Zola Blood return with not just faces but a second song, the title track to their forthcoming EP out via Pond Life. Meridian marries chilled indie rock dynamics with a soft electronic sound reminding us a little of first album Delphic; although whilst Delphic drew some comparisons to New Order, it wouldn’t surprise us if Zola Blood grab a few Radiohead comparisons. Meridian is one of those slightly floaty electronic pop songs that in less able hands would just drift away without ever being noticed, but Zola Blood do an excellent job of keeping the whole thing contained and well structured.

Zola Blood play their first live show on the 9th October at the Shacklewell Arms in London.

Footnote : Doesn't the one on the right look a bit like Yannis from Foals? It's not him two timing is it and they've obscured the wrong face by mistake?

Zola Blood - Meridian

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