Wednesday 6 August 2014

Foxes - Glorious (Acoustic) (Video)

Sometimes for a music blog it’s nice to see an artist that you’ve championed from the very early days go on to have commercial success if only because it vindicates that your taste aligns with other people, and as much as we only post what we like rather than trying to please the masses, part of writing a blog (besides the pleasure of its creation) is saying ‘here’s something we like’ in the hope that somebody reading may also find pleasure in the music that’s pleasing our ears.

Back in 2011 we wrote that if  “there’s going to be a scramble to get on the record label bus, Loui Rose has a very good chance at being at the front of the queue,” when we posted one of her early demos. By 2014 Louisa (her full name) had that label deal and commercial success with 3 top 20 solo UK singles, 2 further collaborative hits (with Rudimental and Zedd) and a top 5 album under her new stage name Foxes. So it’s nice to pause for a moment from all those new bands, demos and suchlike and watch this recently released stripped back version of Glorious which reminds us as to exactly why we wrote those words in the first place; her voice. 

When the pop career is over we're pretty sure Louisa will still find a place in music somewhere - she sings too well for her tones not to be heard.

Next up: Keep an eye out for Foxes in a future episode of the new series of Doctor Who and the single of Glorious which is released on 10th August.

Foxes - Glorious (Acoustic) (Video)

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