Friday 15 August 2014

Bastille - Bad_News

Since the huge commercial success of Bastille’s debut album (Dan Smith seemingly still managing to remain completely unaffected and continue to be one of the nicest men in pop) it probably wouldn’t surprise anyone if the band took a bit of time out from the madness. But it seems that Bastille aren’t that sort of unit. Currently on a 40 date festival tour they’ve also been busy experimenting in the studio. Apparently new songs are forming with some sounding rockier in places whilst others sound more electronic. It seems that album two won’t just be more of the same.

That willingness to push themselves further can be heard on this new offering which is called Bad_News. No jokes about a new Bastille song being bad news please and yes, the underscore is meant to be there, but it has absolutely no relevance whatsoever. It’s a low key release recorded in just two days to form part of a limited edition (1,000 copies) 7" vinyl single together with the song Oblivion, just so that the band can get something out there again. Bad_News is still recognisably Bastille, but gone are the big jungle drums and ‘woh-woh’ chants (although there’s a bit of an oo-ooh hook in there), replaced instead with a slightly grittier feel and an edgy groove. 

“Don’t turn your back on me, don’t bury your head deep just because you don’t know what to say,” sings Dan, reminding us all that in those situations where someone has received bad news, inaction screams a statement of not caring, even if it isn’t actually the case. Better to say something or do something than ignore someone. Imagine how it would feel if it happened to you. OK, how to behave lecture over. Take a listen.

Bastille - Bad_News

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