Thursday 14 August 2014

Zella Day - Compass

If you follow us on Twitter or have read every single blog post we’ve written over the last few months (thank you!) you might have noticed that whilst we were huge fans of Lana Del Rey’s debut record her latest album hasn’t really hit the spot for us, although interestingly it seems to have been much better received by American writers this time round than the first.

What we’d have liked from Lana would have been an album of gorgeously composed piano ballads / torch songs, with just the gentlest undercoating of orchestration and percussion, followed by some theatre residencies with Lana dressed in a black sequinned dress singing her heart out under a spotlight.

Whilst we hold on to that fantasy, Zella Day makes at least part of it real, only she’s Zella not Lana. We should shut up and let the music do the talking really rather than indulge you in our musical imagining shouldn't we? This one’s a beauty though.

Compass is available on Zella Day’s forthcoming EP which is released digitally and on 10” vinyl. If you store your vinyl in alphabetical order and by first name the ‘Z’ section could be about to become a lot more exciting.

Zella Day - Compass

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