Friday, 4 May 2012

The Great Escape 2012 - Preview (Part 2)

Today we continue the second of our previews of next weeks Great Escape Festival 2012 in Brighton with a few more recommendations of bands to go and watch; regular readers of the blog will no doubt already be very familiar with some or all of them. These are not tips of 'bands that will be big in the future' but bands that reflect the musical genres this blog tends to represent. We’re keeping our recommendations to just three a day so as not to take up too much of your time.

If you haven’t already done so, read our previous Great Escape 2012 preview post for a full list of hints and tips to make your Escape experience the best value for money and as enjoyable as it can be. Traditionally the Friday and Saturday of the event (particularly the evenings) tend to be the busiest times of the festival – so our tips yesterday about planning and arriving early are even more important at these times unless you want to spend your whole time in queues.

Here are our three suggestions of acts to see on the Friday – expect Breaking More Waves to be lurking around these venues at these times.

Seasfire – 19.30 Audio

In January we introduced Seasfire and described their music as being “all about ghostly detachment and subdued sodium-flicker late night melodies. There’s haunting piano sounds, soft melancholy vocals and layers of both guitars and electronics that glide around together.” It sounds perfect for a basement club where the band will be playing, albeit it’s early in the evening rather than late night.

Seasfire - First & Last Time

Foxes - 22.45 Psychosocial Basement

The latest Neon Gold starlet in the making has already captured our hearts with songs such as White Coats, Youth and Home and was named as one of our Ones to Watch for 2012 back in November. Foxes makes the kind of authoritative pop music that will always find a place on Breaking More Waves - full of modern day charms and melody.

Foxes - Youth

Curxes – 01.30 Riki Tiks

Technically this Alt.Escape show is Saturday morning, but serves as one of the latest shows during Friday night revelries. Why not make it your final stopping point for the night? Curxes are two pieces of eye candy named Macaulay and Roberta and bring robotic sexy synth stabs and massive femme fatale vocals to pop music that is dark, industrious and brimming with ideas. They’ve become Breaking More Waves regulars and have already been picked up by a whole bunch of respected blogs such as Von Pip Musical Express, Just Music That I Like, The Dadada MusicBlog and The Recommender. Stay up late and come and see why we’re panting with excitement about this band. As someone says on the Souncloud player below "Yeah! Belt that sh*t."

Curxes - Haunted Gold

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