Thursday 10 May 2012

Alice Jemima - First Love

Last month Willis Earl Beal released his debut album Acousmatic Sorcery a collection of uncompromising lo-fi demos that were bereft of any sort of gloss at all. Whilst the collection of songs present are a somewhat enduring proposition, what the album showed is that it is possible to put something out as a physical release without high budget studio production and find an audience.

Now take another example. Devon songstress Alice Jemima  is regularly cropping up on Soundcloud (and this blog) with new songs recorded using just her Hofner guitar and Garageband at home. The beauty of these home demos is the simplicity. It allows all that is good about Alice Jemima to radiate – her voice and the simple but irresistible melodies.

Here’s another one of these d-i-y delicacies. First Love has an undeniably spiked candy-coated intimacy. “You will always be my first love, but that’s the last love, I give to you,” she sings and we can’t help but become a little bit infatuated again. Now, someone, anyone please get her to do a Willis Earl Beal and put some of these demos out as a physical EP. Forget about the fact that the quality of the recordings doesn’t have one hundred percent gleam. A beautiful song is a beautiful song no matter how and where it’s recorded and Alice Jemima has an abundance of them.

Alice Jemima - First Love 

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