Friday, 25 June 2010

Yuck - Weakend

We’re not sure why, but the band that have up until now been known as Yuck, seem to have changed their name to Yu(c)k. This may mean that we should be changing our pronunciation to You-See-Kay, but for now we’re sticking with Yuck, because as rubbish as it is, it requires less effort.

Yu(c)k continue to confound us with astonishment and beauty. Their live set we saw (here) was full of buzzing and fizzing guitars that screeched and jostled in their rawness, yet they have now delivered several laments that are full of dreamy softness. Weakend (again the spelling may or may not be confusing) is the third of a trilogy of comfort blanket beauties, the other two being Suicide Policeman and Automatic. Here Yu(c)k create another song to utterly immerse yourself in. It’s due to be released on a forthcoming cassette EP, out soon through Mirror Universe.

Right now in our digital age, where everything is easy, the cassette tape is having a nostalgic analogue rebirth. Witness how many of the coolest indie / underground labels are putting out releases on tape. Maybe the cassette, like 7” vinyl has taken on a new identity. It now stands for something; the fight against the corporate giants and the mainstream. The ipod is marketed as cool, but can something be that cool when everyone has one? Furthermore the cassette represents a labour of love. We’re always very disappointed when we see that someone advertises a ‘mix tape’ but it’s actually a CD or even worse an online play list. It smacks of efficient convenience rather than a time consuming and incredibly painstaking effort.

Of course ultimately cool counts for nothing. This weeks cool is next weeks naff. Better to trust your instincts and decide what to fall in love with on the basis of what moves you.

So this weekend, enjoy weakend. Falling in love with this isn’t hard. Do it.

Yu(c)k - Weakend from Yuck on Vimeo.

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