Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Kid Adrift - Oxytocin

Breaking More Waves is not about underground snobbery. We’ve never subscribed to the idea that just because something is ‘mainstream’ or ‘commercial’ sounding it cannot be amazing. Often the greatest records created are the ones that touch or move the masses, it doesn’t all come from the elitist-head-stuck-up-their-own-arse underground. Pop is not a dirty word as we discussed here.

This is why we get excited when an act we’ve written about in the past achieves commercial success. It’s not about gaining credibility points for spotting them early, although a little ironic smug smile may cross our lips. What excites us is the fact that an artist that we thought deserved to be heard gets that opportunity to do so on a larger scale than just a handful of music blogs or playing to a dingy pub with thirty people in it. For many artists making huge amounts of money is not complete success but the chance of getting your music heard by as many people as possible is a wonderful thing - irrespective of commercial gain. Witness how many acts at last weekends Glastonbury were moved by such huge crowds watching them - it’s an easy to relate to visual indicator of your music being heard - something radio or television cannot provide.

This is why it excites us that an artist such as Clare Maguire, who we’ve been upfront in our love for since January 2009 (here), is finally creeping out of the closet to play live at this years Latitude. It is also why we were celebrate the fact that bands we’ve blogged such as NewIslands, Lanterns on the Lake and Kid Adrift all graced the BBC Introducing Stage at this years Glastonbury. These are bands we think deserve to be heard and we want to shout about them.

Which leads us to Kid Adrift. The Scottish genius has now got a record deal, and is able to deliver his monstrously good compositions live with a fully fleshed out band. Kid Adrift is readying the release of the Oxytocin EP, an incredible fusion of beats, electronica and rock music that verges on the classical. Sounding like a hand swiping across a table and pushing everything off it, Oxytocin is a modern symphony of greatness and needs to wrap itself around your ears. The EP is due for release on the 12th July.

The video, directed by High Contrast turns Hello Kitty merchandise into something a little macabre and there’s a classic 'shock' ending involved as well. It streams below together with a remix of Oxytocin by Cyantific and Wilkinson which you can download for free. Just click on the arrow.

Kid Adrift - Oxytocin - Cyantific & Wilkinson Rmx by WorkItMedia

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