Wednesday, 16 June 2010

NewIslands - Paradise

Back in March we became gushingly excited about the band NewIslands and an incredible track called Out Of Time. Since then it’s been relatively quiet in the waters surrounding NewIslands, but now waves are building. First there was the announcement that the band have secured a slot on the BBC Introducing Stage at this years Glastonbury Festival, and now NewIslands have revealed a new song. It’s called Paradise and excuse us whilst we explode with excitement again, but it’s as good, if not better than Out Of Time.

We called Out Of Time A.M.A.Z.I.N.G and so now we’re struggling for words, but we’ll start with masterly, gargantuan, epic and dramatically superlative. With Paradise NewIslands have dropped the pulsating electronic sound and instead created a lofty dark soundscape out of echoing funeral drums and turbulent slathering rock guitars. It starts with a gentle caress before writhing, wriggling and stabbing you in the heart with some dangerously high voltage power. Previously we referenced Hurts and this reference remains but only in terms of the way the song is structured, in terms of sonic similarities this time we hear Echo & The Bunnymen and possibly even the mid 80’s clarion call of U2.

NewIslands are rapidly becoming one of our favourite bands. Listen to them and they may become one of yours as well. Let's go on a journey to Paradise.

Phew, we’re going for a lay down in a dark room to take some deep calming breaths. Inspirational.

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