Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Good Gods! - New Waves @ Breaking More Waves

It’s fair to say that the comically named Tom Hatred flexes a particularly dulcet croon from his vocal chords. We hear hints of Charlie Fink, Edwyn Collins, Richard Hawley, Jarvis Cocker and Grandmaster Gareth from Misty’s Big Adventure when Tom opens his mouth. His band are called The Good Gods! (note they have an exclamation mark, so say it right) and on the limited evidence we’ve seen so far, whilst more quirky than godly, they are definitely good.

Tom himself has been kicking around the block for some time now, you may recognise his name and drummer Ed Seeds (ex Mules front man) from the Pick Your Own compilation and same named club night in London. Both Tom and Ed both have played in bands with Emma Moss (aka Emmy The Great ) and Johnny Flynn but The Good Gods! are a new venture bringing a very eloquent Englishness to your ears. The Good Gods! possess a clearly enunciated, slightly nerdy, cardigan wearing eccentricity that can knock out endearing songs such as their new single Lying On Our Bright Red Backs. “Will I ever get to see the sunshine ?” Tom questions in a slightly melodramatic Morrisey-esque tone as he cycles his way round in the groups absurdly odd video that features a hell (boy) of a lot of red face paint. Red and warmth seem to be favourite themes of The Good Gods! - another one of their tracks, a trumpet adorned instrumental is entitled When The Earth Was A Ball Of Flames. The weirdness of the video don’t stop there either, with stuffed animals and long plastic arms featuring in a previous film for their cover of the Robert Palmer tune Addicted To Love which you can see here.

We need characters in music and The Good Gods! Seem blessed with quite a bit of that. Thank The Good Gods!

The Good Gods - Lying On Our Bright Red Backs (Download)

The Good Gods! - Lying On Our Bright Red Backs by Sainted PR

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