Thursday, 10 June 2010

Run Toto Run - Little Wonder

Does anybody remember the fleeting moment when David Bowie went Drum n Bass (or jungle as we used to call it), managed to recite all the names of the seven dwarfs and get the phrase “Big screen dolls, tits and explosions,” in a song ? No ? Well that moment was on Little Wonder, the hit single from his album Earthling. It’s not particularly regarded as a classic against the rest of his back catalogue, but we like it a lot.

Something else we like a lot is Run Toto Run. So when the band decided to cover Little Wonder we had a suspicion that two lots of like would equal a lot of love, and we were right. Stripping away the fast break beats, Run Toto Run stamp their own quirky soft electronic authority on the song and make it their own. The d-i-y video comes complete with silver foil costumes and handmade stars and planets hung from a washing line. With this and their viral video of Sleepyhead by Passion Pit, Run Toto Run are becoming the ultimate oddball covers band, but they also hold their heads up high with their own material.

Something to make you feel happy, rather than grumpy, sleepy or dopey - here’s Run Toto Run and Little Wonder. Rather wonderful indeed.

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emmdee said...

Classic (particularly the ending). Like the Ziggy Stardust makeup too.