Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Mirrors - Fear Of Drowning

Since we first came across Brighton band Mirrors back in April the group have been labelled a buzz band, received a tongue lashing from the NME, played just a handful of shows, and received a fairly good reaction on a number of blogs including this one. The band have also released their debut single Look At Me which we reviewed here and you can purchase exclusively on 7” vinyl through Pure Groove here . Now without announcement the band have put a new video out to the world. Fear Of Drowning is the song that Mirrors have been opening their few live outings with. It’s a brooding polished pulsing number with ambient lush washes of synth, distant cinematic drums and lyrics about being shrouded in sin. Listening to this track over and over again we have become more and more convinced that the Brighton tag is an error and the band are actually from Berlin - it has that arty European feel to it. And yes, Kraftwerk are a reference point, both musically and visually. Mirrors are a band that have a strong visual aesthetic, it’s one of the things that sets them apart from your typical scruffy band of twenty something blokes in skinny jeans. That alone should be worth celebrating, but the music is equally of cause for joy, albeit in a sombre and reflective way. Here's the new video.

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