Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Bat For Lashes - Sleep Alone

On the 7th September Bat For Lashes release their third single from the Mercury nominated album Two Suns. Sleep Alone is a hazily haunting song where Natasha Khan sings of loneliness over an incessantly plodding beat. What we find rather odd about this release is that the record company have chosen to shorten the song and cut the whole of the second verse from the version on the album. By chopping lyrics so harshly it seems to vindicate an argument that the cut lyrics weren’t very good. But if this was the case why put them on the album in the first case ? If the cut has been made to make the song more radio friendly then a reduction in length from four minutes to three is pointless when many singles now hit four minutes and still receive plenty of radio play. Someone is being short changed here.

Maybe in the future record companies could charge for albums and singles based on the number of lyrics. Just think, I Tunes could offer Sleep Alone (All verses version) for 79p, the single version for 59p and maybe an abridged version where everything but the chorus is removed for just 29p. Bargain.

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