Monday, 3 August 2009

Here Comes The Sun

Breaking More Waves is currently away on holiday, but due to the beauty of advance blog scheduling, you probably won’t even notice. So, we continue to post blogs written several weeks before we jumped on a plane for a bit of southern European sun as regularly as if we were actually at Breaking More Waves HQ. Damn our secrets out, Breaking More Waves is not particularly spontaneous. Only five percent of what we write is actually posted the same day. Most of it is written at least a week before, usually early on a Saturday morning and scheduled to look as if we are writing virtually a blog every day. Having a busy professional job, a family and a social life means that this blog malarkey has to be neatly time managed you know. We're sure we're not the only one's who do this though.

Whilst we're on holiday we'll be listening intently to at least the following on our Ipod, all of which were released this year and we recommend as listening pleasures. Marissa Nadler - Little Hells, Sweet Billy Pilgrim - Twice Born Men, Passion Pit - Manners, Little Boots - Hands, Blue Roses - Blue Roses, The Prodigy - Invaders Must Die, Florence And The Machine - Lungs, Slow Club - Yeah So, Lucky Elephant - Starsign Trampoline.

So, with these 'advance posts' we're a bit like a blog version of Dr Who - using the internet to travel through time, without Daleks, Cybermen or Slitheen.

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