Monday, 6 April 2009

Yes Giantess - Tuff N Stuff

Like a massive slab of cheddar in between two chunks of keyboard, Tuff N Stuff by Yes Giantess is the total dance party sandwich. Or maybe the ultimate chick cruising tune. Wind the car windows down, turn up the stereo, and bob your head like a loon. That’s an order.

Here at Breaking More Waves we’ve been fans of this band since December last year, when we named them in our Ones to Watch list for 2009. Following a slight name change from Giantess to Yes Giantess, these Boston party dudes are about to release Tuff N Stuff in the UK, backed by the hyper excitable You Were Young on a 7” vinyl single through Neon Gold Records. You can buy a copy of the single exclusively through Pure Groove here. The band will also be playing their first shows outside of America in May at The Great Escape Festival in Brighton, UK which is likely to include a Neon Gold showcase at The Ocean Rooms and another show at The Ark. We also hear news of some other London dates being lined up the week after.

But that’s for the future. Tuff N Stuff is about the now. It’s a ridiculously epic sex synth space ride that bumps and grinds itself up against the planets. It’s totally of the moment, like a lascivious pop Passion Pit out of the eighties. When the big overworked keyboards drop in the middle and lead singer Jan Rosenfeld croons “I just say wanna say that you're beautiful, you're looking incredible, girl you're making everybody’s day, and I love that your edges are rough, when you try to act tuff n stuff. I love you so much,” it is inevitable that girls hearts will be stolen. Tuff N Stuff is due for release at the end of April. There's no video at the moment, but you can hear the tune on the myspace.

Big funky killer pop. The sound of an electronic disco orgasm. Love it. Love it. Love it.

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