Thursday, 9 April 2009

Blue Roses - Coast (Live Performance)

Doubtful Comforts the spellbinding single by Blue Roses aka Laura Groves was released last month. It is one of our singles of the year so far and has lead to high expectations for the album that will follow. From the tracks we have heard, the record will be a jewellery box of delights, something to really treasure.

A few weeks ago Laura shot some live performances of songs that will be found on the album. Recorded in various locations around her home town of Shipley, these songs are being uploaded to the Blue Roses Myspace over the next few weeks. The first of these performances is the song Coast which was recorded at Shipley Harmonium Museum. Originally featured on the Something I Learned Today compilation, released a couple of years back on Dance To The Radio, Coast features sky kissing choir girl vocals and acoustic guitar subtly backed by xylophone and violin. If you like this keep checking the Blue Roses Myspace for further instalments.

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Simone said...

Blue Roses = Gorgeous tunes