Saturday, 4 April 2009

The Cordelier Club - New Waves @ Breaking More Waves

The Cordelier Club are not, as far as we are aware, French revolutionaries and they do not wish to act against the monarchy or the old regime. In fact the one song we’ve heard from The Cordelier Club creates a right royal sound. We know very little about this sibling duo named Alice and Richard, except they are playing this years Camden Crawl as well as Bestival and that Stolen Lovers is a madly eccentric pop song that could appeal to the masses. It starts like a delicate floating indie folk tune with a hardy female vocal before it breaks out into a star catching, boot stomping pop song with enough “Ba ba ba,” and “Woah Woah Woah,” chants to satiate or sicken depending on your perspective. There’s even a keyboard part that sounds like Sparks or Supertramp. It’s a song that is creepily chirpy and undoubtedly brimming with life. For now we’re filing this band in that tall drawer named big mainstream pop potential.

There's no video for the song, but pop over to their myspace on the link above and have a listen.

Edit : 7th April - No sooner had this post gone up, than the band took the song down from their Myspace ! So now instead have a listen to When You Were Young another chirpy tune which doesn't quite match up to Stolen Lovers but is still half decent, until they take it down and put something else up!

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Cordelier said...

stolen lovers is back up there but i think they're recording a new version.