Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Little Boots - New In Town

At the back end of last year in our Ones To Watch 2009 list we wrote “2009 may just be the year that the girls hit the dance floor hard and Breaking More Waves is predicting that La Roux will be one of the two girls leading the charge.” Well, with a No.2 hit single with In For The Kill under her belt, and what looks like a very promising album coming from the sampler we’ve heard, the first part of that prediction has come true. Now here comes that second girl. Our No.2 prediction in our Ones To Watch list. It’s Little Boots.

New In Town is Little Boots first proper crack at the charts following previous low key releases. Her previous singles have been high on our play list for half a year now. The remixes of the new single have been all over the blogosphere for a while and have heightened expectations. So why does New In Town leave us just a little cold ? Despite the big ascending synth riff, and the inevitably catchy chorus, the song lacks some of the spunk, the subtle quirkiness and oddball personality of her previous tunes. Sure it’s accessible and will probably storm the charts, but for Breaking More Waves, it sounds just like plenty of other average mainstream pop tunes out there at the moment. Victoria Hesketh has always made it clear that she wants to record a pop album, and at Breaking More Waves we believe that great pop can illuminate lives. Let’s hope the album lights us up with a little more of the off kilter tenorion thumbing, stylophone pressing, keytar wielding verve she has hinted at than New In Town does. The track is due for release on 25th May.


emmdee said...

Have to say I agree with you - nothing particularly wrong with it, just lacking an undefinable quirky something to make it stand out; maybe over polished in production? Hopefully it comes back for her next time around...

The colour-by-numbers identi-kit video doesn't help me either.

Robin said...

Yes I agree. The production has sucked the soul out somewhat.