Thursday, 30 April 2009

Polly Scattergood - Please Don't Touch

On 4th May Polly Scattergood releases Please Don’t Touch, from her self titled debut album. Please Don’t Touch is notable for being musically upbeat and rather sunny. With skippy acoustic guitar and schoolyard handclaps a plenty it certainly isn’t representative of the rest of the album which is formed from darker electronic atmospheric soundscapes. This is a schizophrenic slightly blemished song, with Polly pleading in her marmite tasting little girl lost voice “Please don’t touch, please don’t stop and stare, yes I thank you for your kindness, but there’s sadness in the air.” The double sided emotion hints at violence as well when Polly adds “Love me tender love me true, show your colours black and blue.” It’s an obvious single to push out due to its jaunty instrumentation and pop music ideals, although there are deeper and far more interesting tracks on the album.

Here’s the video, and for those familiar with Brighton in the UK, see how many places you can identify in this shoot.

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