Wednesday, 9 January 2019

What's The Point Of A Small Music Blog Like Breaking More Waves In 2019?

Anyone who has taken time in the sweaty, sexy, awkward, grasp of pop music, having their ears f*cked by the thousands of artists trying to cop-off with them, will know that there are really only 2 sorts of pop music; the good and the bad.

The art is to be able to discern which musical bedfellows to fall in love with, which are quick one-night stands and which just aren’t worth the effort, irrespective of what pleasures they may appear to tempt you with.

In 2019 this selection process should be easier than ever. Why? Technology! Spotify playlists! The internet! You Tube! More music than you can ever possibly spend time with for the cost of one physical album! All the choice! Just click, listen for a few seconds then, approve or delete! We can now listen to every song, playlist or album like viewing a Tinder profile. Swipe. Reject. Move on to the next. It’s all so simple.

Except it isn’t, is it?

The choice has become overwhelming. The grass is always greener. It happens in dating. It happens when you go shopping. And it happens when you listen to music.

It’s one of the reasons why music blogs have decreased in popularity (although there are many other reasons as well). Who needs blogs when the whole history of music right up to this very second is just a few taps away? And if you want brand new music that caters for your tastes then Spotify has that covered with its individually curated Discovery Weekly playlist.

So, what is the point of something like Breaking More Waves? Why on earth would you visit a music blog?

It’s question that I’ve been mulling over a little whilst I took a bit of time away from the blog recently. (That time away wasn’t by choice, but a faulty heart valve I’ve had since birth meant I ended up in hospital for 27 nights following a heart attack and had to undergo open heart surgery – so I think a close to death experience is a relatively valid excuse for a pause in proceedings!)

The answer I’ve come up with is very simple. I guess it’s the same answer that any musician who isn’t making money from their music comes up with when they begin to question why they are doing what they do. I write this blog for my pleasure. I write for the sheer joy of doing it and sharing my love of music with others. Not everything we do in life needs to be about making money. Especially if the ‘work’ hasn’t been commissioned by anyone.

But besides the pleasure this blog gives me there are two things I still hope it occasionally achieves.

First, I hope that Breaking More Waves can reduce the choice. If you agree that we live in an age where technology has made things so overwhelming that they become crushingly excessive, where there’s too much, too quickly, too often, I’m going to try and just pick the really good stuff to feature here. This year more than ever I’m going to focus on quality rather than quantity. Expect a maximum of about 10 posts a month. The posts will still be about new music and particularly new artists, but there may be the occasional diversion into older records as well.

Second, I hope that the words I write give some context. That’s something a Spotify Playlist can’t give you. It’s something once again in 2019 I’m going to try to do more of. To try and give some meaning, or make some sense to some of the great music out there and some of the issues surrounding that music.. This is a one author blog, so often that context will be personal and carry some opinion. Yes, some will be the dreaded 'think-piece' - but I'll try and keep them short and light-hearted.

This is why in 2019 as music blogs continue to die off or evolve into other forms I’m still continuing with Breaking More Waves. I firmly believe there’s still a place for sites that give a few recommendations every month, but that don’t over saturate or overwhelm you with too much. Most people don't want to visit the likes of Breaking More Waves, but some hardcore music fans do.

That's the point of Breaking More Waves in 2019. Finding the good stuff. The ones to fall in love with and (sometimes) the one night stands. Giving context and personal opinion. But not overwhelming. Trying to make the selection process easier.

New music recommendations will start shortly....

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