Tuesday 29 January 2019

New Music: Rosie Lowe - Birdsong

The last time I mentioned Rosie Lowe on Breaking More Waves (in 2014) it was in connection with dropping a cigarette butt in Leeds and how that can get you a £50 fine. Since that time Rosie released her debut album Control (in 2016) and is now gearing up for album number 2 which is entitled YU (I guess there’s a double meaning in the title depending on if you say the letters as a word or individual letters?). From it comes this single Birdsong which is not at all rubbish – so clearly she’s become a bit more litter conscious since the cigarette butt incident.

Alas Birdsong is not a tribute to my very own DJ Birdsong ambient project (taking bookings for 2019 if anyone would like a man in bird mask playing gentle calming electronic music mixed with birdsong – it is if nothing else a very relaxing experience) but instead she describes it as being inspired by "lust and desire, but with the lingering sense of insecurity and longing.”

The track was produced by The Invisible’s Dave Okumu and comes accompanied by a video directed by Jovan Todorovic. It’s a slinky piece of spacey funk that grinds and grooves in a similar way to some of Nao’s work with Rosie’s voice giving the song a half creepy half sensual feel and the multi-track  male group vocals adding to that steamy atmosphere even more.

This one’s on fire. And that fire is funky.

Rosie Lowe plays Guildford Boileroom on 10th March (where tickets are a snip at £3.80) and London's Omeara on 14th March (where they are quite a bit more).

Rosie Lowe - Birdsong 

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