Monday 28 January 2019

New Music: Julia Kent - Imbalance

Over the weekend a friend mentioned to me that that after the previous week’s exciting avalanche of album releases from the likes of Maggie Rogers, James Blake, Sharon Van Etten and The Twilight Sad that the Friday just gone had been a very barren affair.

Clearly that friend wasn’t aware of Temporal by Julia Kent. Released on 25th January via the Leaf label, it’s Julia’s sixth solo record, although she’s also worked as a member of Antony and the Johnsons and on film music. 

Temporal is a beautifully rich and absorbing listening from start to finish. Julia Kent takes the cello as her starting point but creates compositions that are full of deep textures and patterns that draw you in and allow you to explore a world of melancholy instrumental ambience. Like all the best ambient or ambient classical works it never over complicates things but there are enough layers and ideas within each track to make the record a deep start to finish listen. 

From Temporal, here’s the video to the second track on the record which is titled Imbalance, featuring clawing techno stabs and frantic clicks it creates an air of heavy menace alongside the stirring cello as it rises up to an almost cataclysmic climax. 

Really the only release from Friday that you need to concern yourself with. Listen to it in full by clicking here.

Imbalance - Julia Kent 

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