Wednesday, 16 January 2019

New Music: Another Sky - Apple Tree

When I first featured Another Sky on Breaking More Waves in March 2018 there seemed to be a strange lack of excitement about the band – very few websites wrote about Forget Yourself, despite the song being bloody marvellous. However, 10 months on and the group is now deservedly picking up plenty of traction. I hope that this will continue with new song Apple Tree which has recently hit the world in all its glory with a superb stop motion video.

“This song is for the boy who talked to daffodils and found joy in being who he is,” state the band on their Facebook page – hinting at the group celebrating men who are perhaps a little more sensitive and have a gentler outlook on life than those who exhibit macho alpha male type characteristics. Yet despite this idea the instrumentation on the tune is far from placid. The guitars kick-hard and create a joyous sort of carnage that may well leave you bouncing and breathless. 

Of particular interest to me (OK maybe not to you, but this blog is personal – it’s hardly Pitchfork) is the fact that the song was recorded at Chale Abbey Studios in the Isle of Wight. This is partly because I was born on the Island with my parents living just 15 minutes drive from the studios location but more recently, and of more musical interest, because Breaking More Waves favourite Lauran Hibberd has also recorded there as well.

Another Sky are touring the UK (a big tour of relatively small spaces) this February. Having now seen them live twice I can confirm that they are pretty special and totally formed live band. Just don’t expect to be able to see much of them – they’re big fans of hiding themselves by backlighting. But even so, grab a ticket (here) before it’s too late. 

Another Sky - Apple Tree

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