Tuesday 30 October 2018

New Music: Introducing - Ørmstons

If you’re the sort of person that likes indie music with choppy guitars and big choruses that make you glad to be alive then the chances are that Ørmstons are about to become your new favourite band.  A four-piece from Leeds consisting of Jess Huxham, Bobby O'Hare, Josh Mason and Nathan Robinson, there’s something rather fetching about the noise they make; it’s rough enough around the edges but has a pop purity to its melodies. If bands like Anteros (who they have supported) or whenyoung are on your listening radar then you might want to add Ørmstons to that list.

The band has already played some headline club shows in Leeds and they have two songs on all the usual streaming services. The earliest of the two, Bridgewater Way is decent, but there’s a clear development in songwriting on current single Mexico City, the track that grabbed my ears and wouldn't let go. I think I played it twenty times on repeat when I first heard it. It’s a heartening exercise in old fashioned indie rock, with an opening guitar intro that reminds me a little of Babies by Pulp (a very good thing), it puts everything in the right place and never outstays its welcome.

It’s very early days for the band, but if they can write a few more blinders like Mexico City and get out and about round the country developing their live show and fan base they could be onto something. 

Ørmstons - Mexico City

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