Wednesday 3 October 2018

New Music: Sody - Maybe It Was Me (Video)

This is the first time I’ve featured Sody (real name Sophie Dyson) on Breaking More Waves, even though the just turned 18 year-old has been releasing fully realised pop music for the last couple of years and has already played Glastonbury. I caught her in the BBC Introducing Tent in 2017 playing to a very receptive crowd.

However, I’m very much making some space for her new release Maybe It Was Me, as it's her strongest song so far. It’s one that reminisces on a past relationship, her first, and finds her reflecting on her actions: “I was selfish, couldn’t help it,” she sings at one point before more self-blame comes along: “Maybe it was me who fucked it up.” 

Of course, when things go wrong in a relationship it’s easy to blame someone, be it yourself, the other person, or someone else. It’s much harder to just accept that break-ups are often an inevitable part of dating and that incompatibilities are really no one’s fault. 

And talking of breaks, I’d like to suggest that given the right ones (and perhaps an edit of the swear word in the song) Maybe It Was Me could easily find itself being played out on UK Radio – either Radio 1 or 2. It distances itself from some of her earlier electro-pop work and wears its heart on its sleeve as a simple but beautifully melodic ballad.

You can find Sody out on tour with Tom Walker and Breaking More Waves favourite Maisie Peters later this month around the UK.

Sody - Maybe It Was Me

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