Monday 15 October 2018

New Music: Introducing - Amanda Tenfjord

Sigrid and Aurora you will, of course, already be 100% familiar with. Yet the quality pop from Norway doesn’t stop there. Bubbling under is the impressive Halie (who currently seems to be focused on her own country) and now I’m adding another name to the list and that’s Amanda Tenfjord. Here's a fun fact: Amanda originally hails from a village also called Tenfjord and yes, it’s her real surname as well.

Having first appeared on Norway’s TV talent show The Stream where she fluttered a few hearts performing the ballad Man of Iron she’s subsequently released a small handful of high-end electronic based pop tunes that have hooks by the bagful. Early out of traps was the suitably titled First Impression and that was followed up with No Thanks. Now Amanda makes it three good ones in a row with Let Me Think. This one's her best yet. If you’re a fan of Sigrid you’re guaranteed to like Amanda. In fact, Amanda has co-written with Odd Martin who has also worked with Sigrid and Aurora, so you can see there’s a golden thread here. 

Now all we need is Sigrid, Aurora and Amanda to get together and to form a supergroup. With all the collaborations going on in pop at the moment, it’s perhaps not out of the question. But for now, collect your thoughts and take a listen to Let Me Think which was released last Friday and if, like me, you're in the UK, start hoping she comes over to our country for some shows at some point.

Amanda Tenfjord - Let Me Think

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