Thursday 26 July 2018

New Music: Emily Burns - Test Drive

The fact that Emily Burns is able to do a good song has never really been in question has it? This blog was full of her creations and they all justified that she was a bona fide talent.  But now they’re gone. All those old songs like Plasters, Glitters and Glue and Enemy seem to have been buried in whatever the internet’s version of the graveyard is, perhaps never to return. 

Thankfully though there’s plenty more out there to enjoy now and perhaps have a little dance to. For Emily has released a mini album / EP (I’m not quite sure which it is - there's 7 songs clocking in at just over 20 minutes) with a title that sounds like a movie: Seven Scenes from the Same Summer. It’s a snapshot of a point in time that delves into the joys and sadness of relationships starting, relationships ending, Sundays in bed and Emily discovering who she is.

Another alternative title could have been Seven Pop Jams from Heaven, because every single one is. 

You’ll already be familiar no doubt with the likes of Cheat and Bitch (which I featured here) but today I’m featuring the record's opening track Test Drive

A deft and modern piece of electronic pop, Test Drive some good punchy shouts of “Hey!”, one use of the F-Word and a naughty little chorus that finds Emily using the analogy of a car to describe how she doesn’t want to be used as a test drive for the weekend (or a joy ride in the evening). For even more amazing car analogies take a listen to the lyrics of the Grace Jones song Pull Up To My Bumper. Now that’s a really naughty tune.

Stream Test Drive below and the six other songs of Seven Scenes From The Same Summer on any streaming service. Those of you who remember Emily from my early blog posts in her unsigned days you will also be pleased to hear the album isn’t all spanking shiny electronics with songs like Vanilla Sundae and Senseless giving some nice variation as she goes back to her more acoustic roots. 

Emily Burns - Test Drive

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