Sunday 22 July 2018

New Music: Chløë Black - Spaceman

When I first heard that Chløë Black was releasing a song called Spaceman my thoughts first turned not to David Bowie as you might expect, but Babylon Zoo. Whatever happened to them? And can you name their other hits after Spaceman? (* Answer at the bottom of this post).

Thankfully this isn’t a cover of THAT Spaceman song. Although to put it in context Babylon Zoo's song was very popular and sold 420,000 physical copies on it’s first week of release – the fastest selling single in the UK since Can’t Buy Me Love by The Beatles. This more recent Spaceman is an original and for anyone that knows Ms Black’s previous work, there are a few surprises in store as it delves into new areas musically.

Starting with some piano balladeering Spaceman soon rockets off into futuristic trap-pop territory. Here Chløë delivers plenty of standout lyrics about her high expectations in relationships, admitting she’s bored out of her mind and that she wants a spaceman to get her higher: “Tequila my sunrise, an astronaut between my thighs,” she sings. Blimey! In some of Chløë’s previous work there’s been a definite Twin Peaks influence. Now it seems she wants a bit of Tim Peake (other spacemen are available).

It’s another winning out-there pop jam from Chløë Black.

 Chløë Black - Spaceman

* Babylon Zoo had 2 further top 40 hits in the UK after Spaceman. Animal Army reached number 17 and The Boy With The X-Ray Eyes (the title track from their debut album) hit 32. They didn’t have any hits from their second album and the record, King Kong Groover failed to chart. And there lies the story of pop - one moment riding a wave, the next moment it breaks and you're lost under it.

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