Thursday 19 July 2018

New Music: Bokito - How Dare You

London’s Bokito got me all hot under the collar back in March 2017 with their single Better At Getting Worse and since that time I’ve spent far too much time learning to dance like their uniquely charismatic front man Moses Moorhouse, who cavorts in a way that is both carnal and camp, unleashing his inner gorilla and finding that groove in a way you just wouldn’t expect. 

This week the band released a new single How Dare You and once again I can feel my hips beginning to twist and my legs beginning to explore just how far they can bend and warp as Bokito make summer go indie. Singing with a falsetto that’s a saucy mix of silk and gravel Moses has explained that the tune is: “A celebration of finding someone that matches your madness, the insecurities and concerns that come into building a relationship and the ever growing feeling that these thoughts may be pushing the other person away. But ultimately, the comfort in knowing that someone has those same uncertainties in relation to you!” 

This one's a flaming joy.

If you want to see more of Bokito, Moses incredible dancing and be ready to move with some force yourself, your next opportunity will be at The George Tavern in London on 21st July. However, the gig I’m most excited about Bokito playing is in October when the band hit the stage in Portsmouth at Dials Festival, an event which I’ve had a reasonably big hand in curating (booking about 1/3 of the acts). They'll be on stage at the Wine Vaults, one of 5 venues that we will be taking over for the multi-venue event. Other acts playing that stage, which will run from early afternoon to evening that have featured on Breaking More Waves include Art School Girlfriend, Jerry Williams and Temples of Youth (subject to final confirmation of line up and times). You can buy tickets for Dials for just £16 by clicking this link. The festival is over 18s only except for the Wedgewood Rooms and Edge Of The Wedge venues which is over 14s. The earlier you buy, the more help you will be giving the festival and therefore Solent Mind the mental health charity that Dials Festival is supporting in 2018, so grab one quick before they’re gone.

Bokito - How Dare You

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