Thursday, 1 February 2018

New Music: Chvrches - Get Out

Here’s a picture of one of Breaking More Waves favourite bands. You know who they are, they’re Chvrches. Now at this stage in proceedings I should write a lengthy post (or maybe I’d I call it an essay if  wanted to give it a sense of gravitas and importance) on their brand new song, their first single in two years. 

It’s called Get Out

But then being the type of person that visits music blogs as you clearly are probably means that by now you’ve already read plenty of pieces about Get Out on other sites. A lot of them will have been lifted straight from the press release. You will also possibly have heard Lauren from the band talking on the radio about Chvrches 2018 (or #CHV3 as the band are using on Twitter) and how when they play gigs they’ll be introducing live drums to the set and how they decided to not self-produce this album but worked with Greg Kurstin of Adele, Foo Fighters and Sia fame.

So instead let’s turn our attention to that photo. It’s just a regular promo photo right? Of course. But look again. Don’t you think Iain from the band is actually looking younger than he was 3 or 4 years ago? Is he actually the Benjamin Button of pop? And what about the people in the background? There are some girls who seem to be staring straight at the camera or band. Are they Chvrches super-fans and if so are they so star struck that their faces have melted off? Because it looks like that. And who is that guy on the far left? The one with his hand in his pocket. He looks a bit sinister. And why is Martin also looking to the left (his right)? What has he spotted? Is he becoming slowly aware of creepy guy behind him who is about to draw a knife and stab him in the back because he’s a ‘real music’ fan and can’t stand bands who destroy it with all those synths and computers? How will the scene unfold? Maybe we'll see that in the promo pic for the next release?

You probably didn’t get commentary like that on Pitchfork did you? 

That’s why Breaking More Waves is an irrelevant two-bit blog written by one person on his laptop with an old school Blogspot template and Pitchfork is Pitchfork. 

Anyway, Get Out. You probably already know this but it’s a VERY GOOD POP SONG. Dark sexy synths in the verse and a hooky chorus. It’s 100% recognisably Chvrches but doesn’t sound jaded or heard-it-all-before.

If you have missed it so far, here it is.

It's great to have them back.

Chvrches - Get Out

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