Tuesday 3 October 2017

New Music: The Shacks - This Strange Effect (Video)

New York’s The Shacks might have just become the latest stars of an iPhone advert, but they've been around for some time now. They formed in a in 2014 when Max Shrager was recording in a studio, but didn’t have a vocalist. Enter one Shannon Wise who Max knew from high school and voila, The Shacks were born. Two years later The Shacks EP was released to the world. It’s a record that sounds so out of place, so old fashioned, that it’s oddly refreshing. If someone played you The Shacks today and you knew nothing about them you’d almost certainly say that they were some long lost forgotten cult band from the 50’s or 60’s, right up to Shannon’s breathy whispered vocal, simple drum sounds and the twangy rhythm guitars. Take a listen to the EP on Bandcamp here.

A month or so ago the band released a video from one of the stand out tracks from the EP, the dreamy This Strange Effect, which is a rework of a song written by Ray Davies of The Kinks, originally released by Dave Berry in 1965. It came to my attention (and possibly yours) via the new advert for the iPhone 8 Plus. Rather than just using actors the advert places Shannon Wise of the band in the centre of the whole thing. Enjoy the full-length video by the band and for completeness I’ve also included the iPhone advert. Damn you Apple for sneakily getting me to carry advertising for your products on Breaking More Waves.

The Shacks - This Strange Effect (Video)

iPhone 8 Plus Advert - featuring The Shacks

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