Tuesday, 24 October 2017

New Music: Chløë Black - Waterbed

Every now and then, just as pop music seems to becoming very beige Chløë Black comes along and puts some spunk back into it. 27 Club, Wild At Heart and Groupie were all fascinating insights into a pop provocateur who irrespective of if she was singing an anti-slut shaming anthem and or a ghoulish gold song always did it with high levels of confidence and hooks.

Now after a short hiatus she returns with new tune Waterbed. From the moment she sings “1996 we’re f*cking on the waterbed,” you know that this is undoubtedly Chløë. It really couldn't be anyone else. It’s dark, edgy, dirty and overall a more understated piece of work than some of her previous bangers. It is nonetheless stunning. Black is most definitely back. 

Can you imagine if all pop was as dangerous as this. Now that would be something.

Chløë Black - Waterbed

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