Thursday 12 October 2017

New Music: The Rhythm Method - Something For The Weekend (Video)

One things I’ve always been a fan of in pop music is the Marmite band and The Rhythm Method are very much are Marmite band. (Apologies to readers in countries who don’t have Marmite and hence have no idea what I’m talking about. To explain it’s a spreadable yeast extract which is often put on toast in the UK and is generally either loved or hated by those who have tried it. There is no middle ground.) 

In the case of The Rhythm Method I fall very much on the positive side of things. There are so many things to love. There’s the clever / funny / sometimes politicised wordplay that reminds me a little of everything from Ian Dury to The Streets. There’s the way they manage to sneak in the pop hooks amongst the spoken word and before you know it you're humming the tunes and wondering how they got into your head. There’s the way that every song sounds that little bit different from the previous and yet they are all undeniably by the same band. There’s the way that the duo don’t really look like pop stars / musicians at all (although what exactly a pop star / musician is meant to look like, I really don’t know – but maybe just not like The Rhythm Method).

The Rhythm Method are one of those acts that will probably never appeal to the masses, but from the couple of shows I’ve seen them play now (at The Great Escape and in the Bollywood Tent at Bestival), they will appeal to some – perhaps a mini-cult following? They're on the Moshi Moshi label as well, which seems a perfect home for them, being a label that often specialises in the slightly off-kilter but still accessible side of pop music.

Here’s the video for their latest funky offering, Something For The Weekend, which actually came out a few weeks ago, but as a true professional fan amateur I have only got round to posting today. It has all the things I like about them present and correct.

They’re out on tour in the UK at the moment. Go and see why they make me smile if you get the chance.

The Rhythm Method - Something For The Weekend (Video)

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