Wednesday 28 September 2016

New Music: Shells - Jailbird

This is a beautiful piece of pop music. In fact, to call it pop seems to lessen it's value. It's worth far more than that. Delicate in its creation but bold in its lyrical content, Sarah Sheldrake who goes by the name of Shells, sings the prettiest of melodies of how she’s “losing all control, I’m giving in to desire.” Don’t be fooled by the purity and gentle construct of the music, there’s plenty of deep seated passion and courage here. 

I first caught Shells live earlier this year at Bushstock Festival and although her live set up was relatively simplistic, what came across is what you hear on this song – something that has been painstakingly constructed and performed by a singer with a wonderfully natural, elemental voice.

Just lovely. 

If only all pop music was like this.

Shells - Jailbird

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