Tuesday, 20 September 2016

New Music: Seramic - Greg's Love (Ft Bootsy Collins)

Well this is a blast. Seramic might be quite an ordinary looking bloke with an even more ordinary real life name, but the music he’s making lubricates the parts that other songs fail to reach. This guy has the funk. This guy has the rhythm. This guy will make you shake your booty and then some. “Free the tiger, let the music take you higher,” go the words. Hallelujah brother. Welcome to the church of groove.

My only sadness about this record is that Greg’s Love is not about a passion for the similarly spelt UK based retailer that sells ready made sandwiches, pizza slices and sausage rolls. That really would have been quite something. I’d have quite enjoyed watching the gymnast in the video tucking into a good old steak slice at the end of her workout.

Oh and did I mention Bootsy Collins? Yep, the actual Bootsy Collins. Now there's an endorsement of the funk if ever there was one. 

Seramic - Greg's Love (Video)

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