Thursday 22 September 2016

New Music - Black Honey - Hello Today

I love Black Honey. Do you love Black Honey? You really f*ckin should.

Someone who knows a lot more about music than I do once told me that the three basic rules of writing a great pop song (of any genre) were to 1. Keep it short. 2 Keep it simple. 3. Make it instantly memorable. Black Honey follow those rules 100% with new song Hello Today, which clocks in at just over 2 and a half minutes. They’re not hanging around here and they don’t need to. That’s all the time that’s required to make an impression. You only need this to pass your ears once and it’s there, in your head, riffing and snarling, strutting and preening, confident in the knowledge that it knows what it’s doing. 

As I said. I love Black Honey and so should you.

Black Honey - Hello Today

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