Tuesday, 27 September 2016

New Music: Liv Dawson - Reflection

September and October tends to be that time when 'new music' people like me start thinking of their tips for 2017. (Actually not quite true, I started thinking about mine in May, but then I'm a massive geek when it comes to that sort of stuff - it brings out the trainspotter / nerd / stats-freak element in me). Last year there seemed to be more Ones to Watch lists than ever before, and by the end of December it got to the point of being overwhelming. Ironically, it’s getting harder and harder for new artists to break through (and when I say break through, I mean in terms of getting to a point where they are able to make a sustainable career out of making music) and so many of these tip lists are pretty redundant despite their vast numbers.

18 year old Liv Dawson is an artist who might just make a few of this year's lists. Maybe. She is undeniably talented and I’ve already seen her name crop up on a few conversations between tastemaker types as well as on a number of key Spotify playlists. Even I've got in on the action. In fact I jumped the gun a bit when I posted about her in May and said that she was one to ‘file under one to watch’. Having already supported Frances and being booked for Honne’s forthcoming tour, she’s getting plenty of exposure, and her latest track Reflection, her best song to date, is really worth a listen. Produced by Levi Lennox it's an elegant and stately piece of soul-pop with a very day time radio friendly chorus.

Oh, and keep an eye out in November, because as I’ve tended to do over the last few years I’ll be publishing my own Ones to Watch for 2017 list before all the big guns publish their's. In fact, I’ve already decided on 90% of the acts that I will be featuring (clue: most of them will have featured before on the blog) and quite a few of the posts have been part drafted. Will Liv Dawson be one of the choices? My lips are sealed for now. Have patience and just enjoy this song.

Liv Dawson - Reflection

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