Monday, 7 March 2016

New Music: Introducing - Throws

In the first minute of The Harbour by ‘new’ duo Throws there’s some noodly indie guitar, some soft choral harmonies, some spacey synths, some squelchy ones, some marching glam rock drums and some vocals that might make you think you’re listening to the second Jungle album. If you think that experimental concoction sounds like it really shouldn’t and wouldn’t work, you’re wrong; it does. 

With its lyrical call of wanting someone ‘just as you are’ and its admission that ‘it’s hard to be perfect, we are human,’ The Harbour is a song of acceptance and loving people for who they are, quirks and all. 

A quick bit of digging around on the internet tells me that Throws is the British duo of Mike Lindsay (Tunng) and Sam Genders (The Accidental, Tunng). Judging by the promo pic above they’re either very camera shy, very ugly or need to employ a better photographer. Possibly all three. Their self-titled debut album was recorded in Iceland with special guests from múm and Sigur Rós and will be released later this year. The Harbour is the first track from it. It's slightly wonky, slightly brilliant, slightly experimental pop music.

Throws - The Harbour

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