Friday 25 March 2016

Pressing Pause

It’s time to press pause on Breaking More Waves.

I’m off on holiday.

The laptop will be off, so there will be no blogging. I’ll even (for the most part) be hanging up the phone, although not fully, so there might be some tweets -  follow me using this link if you enjoy thousands of narcissistic beach selfies showing what a fabulous time I’m having and lots of pictures of paella and tapas.*

(* Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. My Twitter bio states that 95% of my tweets are about music. I stick to that rule even when on holiday).

See you mid-April. Oh and talking of hanging up the phone, here’s the latest Kiiara tune. It’s another piece of computerised pop that absolutely captures the zeitgeist but still manages to sound oddly fresh at the same time. It's from her excellent 6 track low kii savage EP which you can hear on Spotify by clicking here.

Blog posts will restart sometime around mid April.

Kiiara - Hang Up Tha Phone

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Oldierob said...

Have a great break