Friday 25 March 2016

New Music: A.K. Paul - Landcruisin'

I’m not sure if buzz artists or buzz bands are really a thing anymore. The internet and blogs seem to have moved on a little bit from that these days, but only a little bit. There are still some acts that get bloggers hyper ventilating and I’d like to suggest that this track, the debut proper from A.K Paul is one of those. Rev up your engines for a bit of Landcruisin’, which sounds a lot like Prince partying like its 2016 rather than 1999. That’s a very good thing in my book - pretty much any Prince from 1984 to around 1992 works at getting the hips grinding in these quarters.

If you’re none the wiser just why A.K Paul is hotter than lava, here's a quick catch up. First he’s the brother of Jai Paul one of the most elusive musicians out there. Jai destroyed the internet with his track BTSU, signed to XL Records in 2010 and had a collection of his early work leaked on Bandcamp. 6 years on he's still to release an album and has become an almost weirdly ghostly and legendary figure. It’s not just Jai's reputation that has given the leg up to A.K Paul though – A.K Paul's work on So Good with Nao was incredible and his production on Jones’ You was impressive as well.

Now A.K. Paul takes it up a gear with this solo work, which I assume is nothing to do with the 1995 Carl Craig album of the same title (without the apostrophe). What with Charlie XCX going Vroom Vroom and now A.K Paul hitting the highways, it seems that music is taking us for a ride again.

A.K. Paul - Landcruisin'

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