Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Femme - Santa (Be Good To Me)

Howdy! Mariah here! Happy holidays everyone!

You know, there’s nothing I love better than Christmas. I love it all; the decorations, the presents, the good food, the steaming mulled wine, but most of all I love the music. Yes that’s right, because every Christmas it gives me the chance to listen to all those classic Christmas pop songs; and the one I love the most? Why of course, my very own All I Want For Christmas Is You!

Such a beautiful song, such a wonderful sentiment and another opportunity for me to dress up in a red party dress and dance around the Christmas tree with drunk old Santa. Hopefully there’ll be some mistletoe somewhere and we’ll get the chance for a cheeky kiss as well. He always tries to slip his tongue in - such a naughty old man, but you know, sometimes I let him, because I love him so much. Him and his big old beard. Oooh I could snuggle up to it all day and wrap it round me like a warm woollen scarf. So whilst I cuddle up with Santa, and we make even sweeter music together, why don’t you make sure you’ve purchased a copy of my record and then we can all share the Christmas love. Here it is below….


What do you mean ‘this is a new music blog and we can’t have All I Want For Christmas Is You being touted around again?’


Who the f*ck is this Femme lass?

Don’t call me a f*cking diva you asshole.

I only agreed to do this so that I could call myself the queen of blogs as well as the queen of Christmas.

F*ck you Breaking More Waves.

F*ck you Femme.

Where’s my manager? I want words…

Christmas can f*ck right off. It really f*cking can. 

Femme - Santa (Be Good To Me) (Video)

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