Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Ava Lily - Merry Christmas Everyone

Helo pawb

Shaky from Wales, here. Just popped through the green door of this ole house to wish a merry Christmas everyone to one and all. Oooh, that reminds me, those tunes are still available on iTunes. Don’t be a miserable tightfisted wanker and stream them – go and buy them, give me your heart tonight and if you love me truly,  I’ll be satisfied. This is my letter to you, because I love you and you know that in your heart of hearts, it’s true love, and not just a feeble and desperate attempt by me to drop in as many of the titles and lyrics of my hit singles into a paragraph as possible. I’d never be that crass would I?

Oh sod it then. Here’s the link you need.

And whilst we’re talking, here’s a version of one of my tunes by the rather excellent Ava Lily. She's from Bristol, which is nearly Wales isn't it? So she's OK in my book.

Ava Lily - Merry Christmas Everyone

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